Our group is part of the Department of Developmental Biology and Differentiation at the Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa (CBMSO), located at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), Madrid, Spain.

The focus of our research is the biology of epithelial organs during disease and development. Cell polarity is at the crossroads of differentiation and growth, and loss of cell polarity is a hallmark of cancer and other relevant diseases. Thus, our approach currently lies in the study of the cellular mechanisms related with cell polarity and protein trafficking, regarding this processes. We are interested in the use of close-to-physiological models ranging from three-dimensional culture systems, to in vivo studies in vertebrates, such as Zebrafish.

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Welcome to Fernando Martin-Belmonte’s Lab

“Our main research interest is to understand the subjacent mechanisms for the acquisition of cell polarity  during epithelial morphogenesis using in vitro and in vivo models, and different novel approaches”